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Tutoring Mar 23, 2020

Now more than ever, friends and family members are turning to video calling to communicate with each other. Video calling is not limited to keeping in touch with those we love though. Live video tutoring is seeing a huge surge of interest in 2020.

There are many video calling apps out there, but none of these come with the benefits of using a fully integrated video platform with integrated payment solutions and a way to manage all tutors and pupils in one place. These alone are not appropriate for offering a fully managed online tutoring experience.

The benefits of a fully integrated platform for multiple tutors, in comparison to basic video calling or phone conferencing apps, such as Zoom and Skype are wide-ranging.

Tutors publish their own profile pages listing the subject(s) they offer. Potential students can easily search and discover tutors based on subject. Rates are set according to the tutor's ability and they are able to offer video sessions from a selection of durations.

Automated appointment scheduling

Tutors offer real-time availability by setting their working hours along Google or Outlook calendar integration. Get booked fast - eliminate the need for back-and-forth emails.

Integrated bookings via your own website

Adding tutor profiles or booking widgets to your website is as simple as cut-and-paste.  In just a few minutes, students are able to schedule one-to-one video calls with your tutors - directly from your own site.

Screen and file sharing

Tutors can share their screen, files and documents within a video session. All with live messaging.

Payment management

Tutors are guaranteed payment for every session.  Students are charged prior to each session and funds are released on completion. The educational organisation can choose to collect a fixed rate of commission on all completed transactions.


With custom safeguarding triggers at every stage of the process, along with event and transaction logging, help keep students safe and secure at all times. Ensure GDPR compliance at all stages of the process.

Video Tutoring Solutions for Organisations

There are many video calling apps out there, but these are not designed for professional tutoring, enabled with central management or control. These are simply the modern-day equivalent to a telephone line.

For a best-in-class video tutoring solution for your organisation, choose a provider with a tailor-made product that brings together your entire workflow under a single online solution - customised for your organisation.

If you believe your organisation could benefit from such a solution, then click the 'Learn More' button below to understand how the Inzite platform could help.

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Darren Hill

Darren is the founder and CEO of Inzite. Darren founded Inzite in 2014 with a vision to improve online personal interaction for businesses and independent advisors.