Coronavirus outbreak: Inzite's commitment to new & existing customers

Coronavirus Mar 5, 2020

Here at Inzite, we are closely monitoring the coronavirus public health emergency that has affected thousands of people across China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, and several other countries.

As a commitment to all new and existing users, we are today announcing free video calling to all users, worldwide. There are no other hidden fees or subscriptions.

Advisors wishing to offer paid calls are still able to do so.

What's included?

Inzite offers many benefits to users which may help with Business Continuity during this time and beyond.

Integrate call booking via your own website

Add personalised booking widgets to your website. It's a simple cut-and-paste to your website.  In just a few minutes, clients are able to schedule calls with you - directly from your own site.

Automated appointment scheduling

Offer real-time appointment availability by setting your working hours and integrating Google or Outlook calendars. Get booked fast - show only your real-time availability to your clients, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails.

Screen sharing & file sharing

Share your screen with your clients and share files & documents within a video session. All with live messaging.

No downloads

Inzite is fully web-based, so enjoy video calling from any modern web-browser, either on desktop or mobile.

To create an Inzite account, please click here to create an 'Advisor Account'. It takes only a few minutes to set-up.

Existing Inzite Advisors can enable free calling via the Profile Edit page.

Business Solutions

There are many video calling apps out there, but these are not designed for professional external meetings, enabled for any central management or control. These are simply the modern-day equivalent to a telephone line.

For a best-in-class video solution for your organisation, choose a provider with a tailor-made product that brings together your entire workflow under a single online solution - customised for your organisation.

If you believe your organisation could benefit from such a solution, then click the 'Learn More' button below to understand how the Inzite platform could help.

Learn More

Alternatively, if your organisation would like to arrange a demo of the Inzite platform, then contact the team at or book a demo below.


Darren Hill

Darren is the founder and CEO of Inzite. Darren founded Inzite in 2014 with a vision to improve online personal interaction for businesses and independent advisors.