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Video Calls Feb 28, 2019

Inzite recently delivered an applicant interview solution for a UK university.  Our technology has been used actively at ~20 Higher Education institutions across the UK, with our platform serving over 29,000+ users worldwide and counting.

Our most recent solution allows prospective students and applicants to connect with programme leaders and to schedule phone (or optionally, video) interviews. This includes the option to send Direct Messages to university staff. The Inzite Platform is a fully managed solution, offering management reporting (MIS), automated safeguarding and call recording, transcription and playback capability. University administrative staff have full access to all content, including the approval process for staff accounts as well as full visibility of the entire call booking process and direct messaging. The Inzite platform provides a standalone and fully-customised solution for each institution or business.

For student recruitment staff, Inzite simplifies the whole admissions process where direct interaction with the prospective students is desired. Recruitment staff are able to centrally manage staff accounts and administer the entire process via the admin dashboard. There is no longer the need to have staff schedule calls independently via unaudited phone or Skype meetings, where there is no centralised control or safeguarding processes in place. Using our solution, staff simply publish their availability (along with live exteral Google/Exchange calendar integration) and prospective students are then able to book their interview automatically by selecting an available time-slots. The entire process is extremely user-friendly and highly efficient whilst at the same time providing the highest level of safeguarding and auditing capability.

Scheduling a call is a breeze

Features & Benefits:

  • Administrative auditing of recorded interview sessions
  • Full management oversight and reporting (MIS)
  • Automated safeguarding across the entire end-to-end user experience
  • Allow prospective students to book an available call session 24/7 without any staff intervention
  • Safe and secure - no personal details are shared between students and interview staff throughout the entire process (including phone numbers and email addresses)
  • Choose between either video and/or phone sessions
  • Customisable post-interview surveys/feedback
  • Moderated Question and Answer (FAQ) sections (with Natural Language search)
  • Existing website integration
  • Multiple department/school sections (with per-department admin capability)
  • Automated safeguarding alerts
  • Full GDPR compliance
  • Fully mobile compatible with no downloads necessary
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing CRM systems via Zapier

Our most recent client is now able to fully manage the end-to-end process of applicant interviews, whilst at the same time ensuring security, oversight and safeguarding – all in one place.

Our admin dashboard has full reporting and approval capability

Using the Inzite Platform, our most recent client is now able to save time by fully managing the end-to-end process of all applicant interviews, whilst at the same time ensuring security, oversight and safeguarding – all in one place.

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Darren Hill

Darren is the founder and CEO of Inzite. Darren founded Inzite in 2014 with a vision to improve online personal interaction for businesses and independent advisors.